Analisis Penerapan Asean Corporate Governance Scorecard Pada Perusahaan Perbankan : Komparasi Perusahaan Perbankan Di ASEAN Berpredikat Asean Asset Class

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Reska Amalia Soleha
Reni Oktavia
Fajar Gustiawaty Dewi


This research aims to analyze implementationAsean Corporate Governance Scorecard in banking companies. The population used in this research was 234 listed companies that fall into categoriesASEAN Asset Class or classyPLCs in 2021 (ACGS Country Reports and Assessments). Sampling using the methodpurposive sampling, with the criteria of five banking companies from each ASEAN country participating in itASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard in 2019. Singapore only has four banking companies that meet the criteriaASEAN Asset Class, so there are four research objects from Singapore. Meanwhile, Vietnam was not included because there were no banking companies that met the criteriaASEAN Asset Class. Data analysis is carried out through data examination, data classification, and calculation of assessment weights. The research results show that both research objects applyAsean Corporate Governance Scorecard with a trustworthy title.


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Soleha, R. A. ., Oktavia, R. ., & Dewi, F. G. . (2024). Analisis Penerapan Asean Corporate Governance Scorecard Pada Perusahaan Perbankan : Komparasi Perusahaan Perbankan Di ASEAN Berpredikat Asean Asset Class. Economics and Digital Business Review, 5(2), 122–134.


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